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Radhe Radhe Shri Banke Bihari Lal ki Jai!! All you must have heard about Thakur Shri Banke Bihari Lal Ji Maharaj, Vrindavan and Swami Shri Haridas Ji Maharaj (Who appeared Shri Bankey Bihari Lal ji Maharaj). Here we will tell you about Swami Ji and his beloved Thakur ji, Shri Bankey Bihari Lal ji Maharaj. You all must have heard about Shri Gargasanhita-granth which is a very famous book. Shree Gargasanhita-granth in which she Garga-Charya ji have given the full information about Thakur Shri Krishna and his all the leelas been held in brij Sri Garga-Charya jee was a Brahmin and resume and all kidhar hai Chachi was Brahmin, he was the preacher and also the Guru of all the Yadav Vansh, performed Janeu and name ceremony of Shri Krishna Bhagwan and shree Balramji.

Once upon a time his one disciplis branch of Sri Garga-Charya jee have gone to Punjab which is currently now known as Pakistan for spreading the name of Shri Krishna. Spreading the name of Shri Krishna and they also used to read Bhagwat katha. There was a place Multan which is now in Pakistan it was the centre of this bhakti-Prachar. Later on in this family one great personality was born his name was - Shri AshuDheerJi Maharaj. His wife name was GangaDevi. It was being said that they both were the Avatar of Shri Giriraj-Govardhan ji & Mansi Ganga ji. Swami Haridas ji (SwamiJi) who appeared Shri Banke Bihari ji Maharaj was their son. Before (SwamiJi) was born their parents were the great devotee of Shri Radha Madhav and have visited so many holy places in Whole India. Later on they decided to stay in ‘Kol’ Tehseel village which was in the state Aligarh District.

    AshuDheer Ji maharaj find out that local villages are very humble and they gave very much respect to AshuDheer Ji maharaj and his wife so they decided to stay there and pray his Lord Sri Radha Madhav by bhajan Keertan.

Later on Gangadevi have given birth to three sons Shri Haridas ji (Swami Ji), Jagannath Ji and Shri Govind Dev Ji.

          All the three sons were very good in culture and Swami Ji was deeply involved always in Chanting name & praising the name of Lord Krishna every time. He feels happy while chanting the name of Lord Krishna.

In such a small age where else other children's of the village used to play he used to sing bhajan where else all the others children's of the village use to listen him. His voice was very sweet whenever he use to sing all the villagers, everyone used to watch him and everyone get involved in such a way like they are watching the Leela in front of them.

Slowly-slowly age increases & his popularity also increase increases by nearby villages later on people use to call this place this village “Shri Haridas village” and now it is also known as “Haridaspur”.

Now father and mother of all three sons decided to get them married. With the blessings of Shri Radha Madhav they all get married but Haridas Ji Maharaj (Swamiji) keep busy himself with his sadhana-bhakti-paath-puja of Shri Radha Madhav Thakur ji.

After long time Shree jagannathji gave birth to their three sons, Shree Gopinathji Shri Meghshyam Ji and Shri Murari Das Ji. And another brother Shri Govind Ji gave birth to their two sons Shree Vitthal Vipul ji & Sri Krishna Prasad ji.

Now Sri Swamiji was deeply involved with his Shyamapyari-Kunjbihari.

He doesn't feel any change else in his life. and somehow he also loves sons of their brothers because they also are very spiritual and praise Srihari Lord Radha Madhav every time. Swamiji also keep them busy with himself all the time so they get involved with Thakur ji everytime and should not focus on the on this world which is full of myths. Swamiji keep involving them by giving lectures and Bhajan-Keertan.

Later on, Shri Ashudheer Ji gave Gayatri-Mantra-Diksha to their sons, he also gave Vaishnav-Diksha to Sri Swamiji only and tell him about the muths of the world and ask him to be involved with Shree Radha Madhav ji always. Now, Swamiji get the path of the life from his father. By seeing his son, Swamiji deeply involved in Thakur ji his father Shri Ashudheer ji feels very happy but somehow his mother shree Gangadevi was not happy. She feels unhappy whenever she saw wife of Shri Swami Haridas ji and thinks about her future everytime.

One day she asked Harimati wife of Swami Ji Maharaj

“Dear I can understand your problem but I am also helpless I cannot say anything to Haridas.  “Some times I feel I have a fear that due to my talks he can leave this house”

Harimatiji replied

“No Mataji I am not in pain as you think so but sometimes I feel happy and disturbed that I have decided to help Swamiji with his bhaktimarg but he thinks that I am the barrier of his path”

Gangadevi asked

“Have you ever told your husband about this decision”

Harimati ji replied

“No how can I express my views because whenever he comes he gets involved with his Bhajan and Sadhana so I don't want to disturb him.”

Gangadevi said

“You should try it today otherwise it will become uneasy for you to spend the whole life like this.”

“Yes I will try today.”

Harimati ji replied.

it was Dark night everywhere surrounded by beautiful light off moon. Stars were glowing in the sky at that time.

At that time Swamiji was in his room and doing Sadhana suddenly he feels that somebody is at the door he open his eyes and saw a very beautiful lady in that moonlight he asked

“What happened dear why you have not sleeped till now this is the best time to sleep for the world.”

Harimati ji replied

“I am your wife swami ji how can I sleep when you are awake.”

Swamiji said

“Ok so go to your room and do your Sadhana for Srihari doing Sadhana of Sri Hari Thakur ji is the only aim of human being.”

Harimati Said :

“I know Swamiji that your Sadhana and your devotion is only first & last aim of your life for Thakur Shrihari but my devotion and my aim is to worship you & get some space on your lotus feet wherever you go I will be always there and will follow you always. For a wife, there is no one except her husband who is like his Shrihari, everything. I promise you I will never interrupt you anywhere and will follow you always and doing such I feel happy this is my only aim of life”.

Swamiji was shocked and stubbed he said

“Dear do you have any proof”

Harimatiji was also shocked & stubbed she smiled and in the room a lamp was burning she saw towards that lamp and said

“Lord Agni Dev my Swamiji is asking me for the proof please help me.”

Suddenly flame from that lamp came out and to the holy body of Harimati ji’s inside and Harimati surrenders herself into that flame & that flame surrender himself in the lotus feets of Shri Swami Ji Maharaj

After watching this Swamiji was shocked he said “I surrender myself to you Harimati, you said you will follow me but you went far ahead from me. I really do Pranam to you.”

Meanwhile all the family members came into that room and asked to Swamiji what happened Swamiji told the whole story to everyone but only his parents believe swamiji and no one else. Everyone said Harimatiji was wearing bangles of made of ‘laakh’ (a material of which bangles are made of) due to that this incident occurs. From that time all the ladies of that family decided not to wear bangles of ‘laakh’ in future. In today's date even all the Goswami womens, ladies, Girls do not wear bangles of ‘laakh’.

In today's date samadhi of Sriharimatiji is in Vrindavan at Vidyapeeth Chauraha with the name named “Vijay Sati” Samadhi.

In todays date if any religious, holy program occurs in any Goswami’s family they all visit the Samadhi Place of Shri harimati ji time to time

After watching his wife devotion Swami ji was now more eager to reach his target of :  “lotus feet of Shri Krishna”. So he decided to talk to his father who is also his Guru. Swamiji said “Dear father you are not only my father you are my Guru as well.” “You have already given blessings to so many sadhaks for worshipping Srihari” I also want to leave this false webbed world similarly I also want your blessings so I can leave this false world and need to go to the holy path so I can find out my Srihari Thakur and you have always given me blessings, Shri Vrindavan is calling me !! I want to get rid of this world which is of full of false show!! I just wanted to get myself bound by the love of Srihari forever.” So please give me the permission and blessings so I can get the blessings and love from the Lotus feet of Srihari.”

After listening his son’s talks his father feels very happy and he stood up and hug his son Swami Haridas and said Dear son, I wish you and grant my permission with my endless blessings. Go identify yourself. Identify your Thakur and go worship your Sri Hari Thakur who is endless. Whatever is there in the world is all myths whatever is there in happiness whatever is true is only Srihari go my son go I wish you luck and prosperous happiness to your future!!

Swami Haridas ji touched his father’s feet took the blessings from his parents and as he started moving to Vrindavan, each and every citizen of the village and his family member was feeling sad. So many peoples from the village said they also wanted to come with Swamiji they said that they cannot live without swami ji, every single leave of the trees, Sage, Air, Water every human being every living non-living creature was  fully stopped and was in deep sadness for Swami ji’s departure from Haridaspur. Swami Ji smile and said dear friends I am going to Vrindavan have you ever seen vrindavan it's a huge jungle everywhere there are very high trees Yamuna ji is there and so many wild animals. if I know any place there then I will inform you all so you all please wait here for sometime and let me go. I promise whenever I will find it out that now everything is ok then I will definitely call you all Shri Radha madhav Ji Bless you all.

 Yes, everyone after listening his magical voice they were like statue

They are freezed as an statue at their places. But somehow Vitthal Vipul ji whom Swamiji loved very much requested to take him to Vrindavan. Swamiji try to divert his mind but he said I am the part of your body like you move your eyes, move your hands, Similarily, I am also part of your body which cannot be depart at all.

After listening this joy of tears  were their in both eyes Swamiji said “ok Son as you are my body part I surrender myself to your devotion and cannot stop you so please come with me” After that Swamiji called his brother Govindji “Dear Govind bhaiya

yes I know that Shri Hari is the care take of our family and of this whole world but still I would like to request you after me, yes I am going to give you the responsibility for the care of our parents. And I authorised you for the daily name Seva of Thakur Radha Madhav. Like you love your son your family please do love like that to our parents always. Ok take care I am leaving now.

In Haridaspur everyone was feeling sad someone some was crying some was trying to stop him some was like the statues. Swami ji started his journey with Shri Vitthal ji towards the Vrindavan.

At the age of 25, as he crossed Yamuna ji they decided to stay there where Shri Nidhivan temple is there in today's date. As he as he reached Vrindavan, Vrindavan was in his divine form everywhere glossom flowers, immaculate blue Yamuna water, voice of flutes of Shree Shyam Thakur, in everywhere air birds are singing, trees are hugging each other & dancing making the posture of Shri Shyama Shyam everywhere he feels Shri Shyama Shyam that environment that form that phase was totally joyful.

In such environment when Swamiji started his playing Tanpura the whole one Vrindavan looks like dancing. Vitthal ji was shocked when he saw all this magic from his eyes he asked himself that whenever Swami ji play Tanpura a sweet melodious voice comes which is not from Tanpura and from where it is coming. He was curious about all these things with all these questions in his eyes he wanted to know, he went to Swamiji but as he looks in his eyes he lost himself in the divine form of the Vrindavan. Whenever he asked Swamiji about this he always use to say “don't worry my child let the time come I will tell you!” On the other side through music his melodius music fascinate his Shyama Kunj Bihari each and every moment. Bitthal ji now understood that so Swamiji is otherworldly human.

On the other side in Haridaspur parents of Vitthal ji was thinking that his son went with Swami Haridas ji like that and he should come back now but after so many years have been passed Vitthal ji did not came back so his father Shri Govind Ji decided to go to Vrindavan. He asked his father Shri Ashudheer ji to go to Vrindavan but Shri Ashudheer ji denied. He Said “Haridas has given you Seva of Shri Radha Madhav.” So you should focus on that you don't know Haridas he is the man of Thakur Shri Radha Madhav jee. He must have taken birth for some inspiration special purpose. Haridas is far away from anger, happiness, greediness, fascination, Genesis, jealousy, hate, malignity, if you just wanted to know about the news of Haridas and Vitthal then I can send Jagannath. As per the discussion they finalize to send shree Jagannathji to vindavan for the news.

When Jagannathji reached vrindavan as he put his first step on Holy earth of Shri Vrindavan Dhaam he feels that he has seen this holy place since when Haridas ji has arrived in Vrindavan. He has seen this place so many times in his dreams. He reached Nidhivan and saw that Swamiji is playing Tanpura. He lost himself in that melodious voice and decided to sit besides Swamiji and Vitthal ji he find out that both were covered from the sage of Shree Yamunaji They both were deeply involved in shri Shama Priya. Jagannath Ji was feeling up Holi environment through his surroundings. After few minutes when Swami ji wake up he saw pretty smile on his face and glories in his eyes he saw towards jagannathji and asked when are you coming to stay in Vrindavan forever.

Shri Jagannath Ji surrender himself collapsed in the Lotus feet of Sri Swamiji. and said “I am walking like  in a endless desert like a thirsty crow i want your blessings today I feel the same what I want in my life in Vrindavan. Today on this whole Earth  in this holy Vrindavan I feel joyful I feel happiness and I want to fall asleep forever on your Lotus feet please accept me.

Swamiji was very happy suddenly Swamiji called Vitthal ji towards him and asked him that do you know whose birthday is today Vitthal ji said “no” Swamiji said “ok it's good you don't know he said Vitthal today is your birthday and on this occasion I would like to give you something very precious”

Vitthal ji said “I don't want anything I just have a wish that I would love to see your adorable thakurji without whom you cannot take a single breath you always prays them. I would like to see just a glimpse of Shri Shyama Kunj Bihari Swamiji”

Swami Ji said “that is what I was talking about my child I would like to give you”

Vitthal ji was now on out of this world he said “guruji !! guruji !! guruji !!” and he touched the feet of Swamiji and both were in in such a joyful moment which cannot be described in words. Swamiji said go call Jagannath and everyone else for the Keertan Samaj. Everyone came and they started Keertan Samaj.  Swamiji close his eyes and took his Tanpura and start playing his tanpura everybody was so deeply involved in the voice of that Tanpura they were having the immense pleasure of that moment. Suddenly in that arboured blue-dark-blue-colour light was arising n like sun's rays it was a spreading out everywhere in that arboured Nikunj. Everyone was doing Keertan and watching that light. Everyone was desperately waiting that now something special is going to be happen that light increases-increases-increases and suddenly Swamiji open his eyes and here comes shree Shyama Kunj Bihari appeared. Bolo Shri Banke Bihari Lal ki Jai !! Swamiji was Singing !!

Thakur ji and Shri Radha Rani ji was appeared and they were both looking so beautiful which can not be described in words there jewellery was shining like a SUN, there hairs covered from Flowers, there smile was like a newly baby born smile, there whole shringar was covered from millions of flowers jewellery. It was just a breathless scene in that moment. Swamiji finishes his lines Priya ji said “Lalite!!”

Swamiji fluttered and said “forgive me  Kishori Ji” you have such a glorious appearance that “I lost in it !! Bihari ji said “Lalite” now your wish is complete from today we will be worshipped by you here in this Nikunj”

Swamiji was crying with tears of joy and said “oh my lord like this now how I will do your Seva ! Sri Vishnu, Sri Indira, Shri Shiv they all have Vedic law of worshipping Pooja and seva.

Bihari ji smiled and said that “for worshipment belongs to love” Swamiji said “I understand my thakur please forgive me that I lost my attention towards this world” “You both are so beautiful so glorious I wish that you both become one ! Yes one !

Radha Ji and Bihari ji both smiled and with some hidden signs in their eyes they both become one and Swamiji loudly said “Baanke Bihari Lal ki Jai !! Baanke Bihari Lal ki Jai !! Baanke Bihari Lal ki Jai !!”

He was continuously in a loud voice saying again and again all the saints each and everyone was dancing. His voice was spreading everywhere in the Earth Sky Yamunaji everywhere in Vrindavan.

Now, for the darshan of Bihari ji so many devotees are coming day by day everyone was so humble after watching Bihari ji once anyone sees he lost himself in Nidhivan.

Few days later in haridaspur when Ashudhir ji Maharaj came to know about Bihari ji and Swami Ji they all decided to reach Vrindavan and doing loudly Keertan dancing they reached Vrindavan in Nidhivan. With them they also bring wife of Shri Jagannath Ji and their all three child Shree Gopinathji, Shri Megh Shyam Ji, Sri Murari Das Ji. They all three touched the feet of Swamiji and give respect to him by doing Pranam. They did the darshan of Sri baake Bihari ji they all feel blessed and couldn't move themself away from the darshan of Shri Banke Bihari ji. They all were also happy to see Vitthal Vipul ji beautiful strong white body like Chandan, brighten Eyes, shaved head, his body was totally cover from seminal fluid of Shri Yamunaji, his eyes were full of love of Shri Banke Bihari ji, after watching him they all three decided that they will never go out from Nidhivan Vrindavan and when they requested Swamiji he also give him the blessing and permission to stay in nidhivan now everyone was in Nidhivan.

It was very easy for Swamiji that he could be seen in two places with Bihari ji maharaj at the same time no one other one can do this that's why for the Seva of Shri Bihari ji maharaj he appointed Sri Jagannath Ji and all there are three sons

For the complete Seva of Shri Kunj Bihari Shyama Shyam Swamiji appointed his beloved Shri Vitthal vipul ji. He find out that Vitthal Vipul ji is now deeply in love with Shri Shyama Shyam Ji. He saw that he used to talk with Thakur ji and he is to sing the leelas of Shri thakurji.

Swamiji decided that for Bihari ji there will be 3 Aartis. First one morning shringaar Aarti. Second one in the noon Rajbhog Aarti. & third in the night shayan Aarti.

 In the starting time Bihari ji Maharaj was being worshipped in Nidhivan only Swamiji was always there in front of Shri Bihari ji he use to play his tanpura and jagannathji performs his Seva duty very cautiously. First of all shree Kishori Ji Gaddi Seva being done then after that Shri Bihari ji maharaj Seva is being done. One day when Shree Jagannath Ji was doing Seva of Sri Priya ji suddenly Shri piya ji appeared and took his gudri and dressed him with his Chunari with her Chunri as Goswami ji was unknown from all this is he saw Chunari of Shri Radha Rani ji on his body he felt wrong he said what I have done this is my “Apradh”?  I am sorry for this as he saw up Priya ji was smiling and she took her hand and blessed jagannathji and said “be like this” and she entered again in Bihari ji and then Jagannath Ji so towards Swamiji. Swamiji said “as Priya ji ordered do like that”

From today whenever you do the Seva you will wear this Chunri only I think she likes this form” Swami said whomsoever touched the prasadi patka or any cloth of bihari ji maharaj he will never face any problem in his life and he will be always on bhakti path and always be blessed from Shri Bihari ji Maharaj

Swamiji always gives good and tasty food prasadam to Shri Bihari ji always wants that the seva of bihari Ji should be only like this as it is going on. he gives the prasadam of Shri Bihari ji to peacocks, monkeys, and fishes and so many other persons and animals who resides in or nearby Nidhivan.


One day Swamiji was sitting on Yamuna Pulin. He was deeply lost in Leela and in Leela Shri Banke Bihari ji and Radha Rani ji was playing Holi. One Devotee came with the very costly scent in his hand Swamiji was lost in his Leela and he asked to that devotee without opening his eyes “give me that scent” and he took this and open the bottle and he scattered the scent in the air as he was lost in his Leela he put all the scent on Shri Bihari ji and Radha Rani ji that devotee was stubbed he thought that I have purchased so costly perfume and Swamiji scattered that all in this dust and still in the atmosphere no smell is there of that scent. He thinks that might be that sent is not good. Meanwhile Swamiji open his eyes and call shree jagannathji and ask him to take that devotee for the darshan of Bihari ji as Jagannathji open the gate of Shri Bihari ji, In nidhivan the smell of that scent is coming from the the Statue of Bihari ji. He was shocked he understands all thing and he came back to Swamiji touched his feet and was crying and ask him to forgive him Swamiji said don't cry you are very lucky that Thakur ji have accepted your scent Seva. From that day it has been assume that Scent(itra) Seva of Sri Bihari ji is one of the biggest Seva.

One another devotee came with a Paras Diamond Stone to Swamiji and asked him to take that diamond and make me your discipline. Swami ji asked I am agreed to make you my disciple but first you go and throw this Paras Diamond Stone into Yamuna ji. That devotee was shocked he thought that such a valuable such a costly thing Swamiji is asking me to throw it into Yamuna ji so many questions were arising in his mind he went to Yamuna ji and he thought that he should kept that Paras Diamond Stone on the river bank of Yamuna ji. He came back to Swamiji he was so hopeless Swamiji identified and said don't be so heartless go take that Paras Diamond Stone back which you have put on the river bank of Yamuna ji. He becomes happy and run away from there as he reached and put his hand in Yamuna ji where he kept that Paras Diamond Stone. He saw that there are so many Paras Diamond Stone in Yamuna ji he was now shocked and now he understands the Leela of Swamiji with tears of remorse in his eyes he turn around he saw that Swamiji is there Swamiji said identify your Paras Diamond Stone take it back that devotee was feeling sorry !! Swamiji said when death comes this money does not matters even though this body, these breaths, these clothes, these wishes are not yours only Bihariji is the reality of this world. He was with you before your birth and he will be always there with you when nobody will be there for you and after that he left his all the belongings and choose the path of bhajan forever.

With the music of his tanpura Swamiji always play beautiful and pleasure full leelas of Shri Banke Bihari ji. Shri Haridas ji is Sri Lalita ji in Nikunj Leela (Beloved friend of Shri Radha Rani) with the Shri Radha Rani who is being worshipped as God of music. Swamiji always used to sing only for his beloved thakurji. So many kings, so many richest persons always used to wait for swamijis Darshan on his gate. Baiju Bawra and Tansen were recognised as disciples of Swami Shri Haridas ji. Tansen ji was one of the Diamond jewel of King Akbar. oneday tansen ji was singing and as he finishes King Akbar said “I love your music. There is no one in this world who can compete with you”

Tansen ji said immediately by touching his ears and said “no my lord my Guru Swami Haridas ji is like one of the big ocean of music I am just a drop in front of him”

King Akbar said why don't you call him one day to our Palace we would love to listen him

Tansen ji said no he never left Vrindavan.

Akbar said so we can go there and we will listen to him no problem. Tansen ji said if you will go like a king and with all the formalities of being king it's not possible he never cares for anyone. King Akbar said that how can we go. Tansen ji said yes there is a option if you come with me like my friend then we can try. King Akbar agreed. They both reached. Tansen asked King to wait on the gate and he went inside after doing Pranam to Swamiji. Swamiji in a second understood the whole Leela he asked tansen to call King inside. Swami Ji sings and after he finishes King Akbar was lost in the other world he said Swamiji I would like to do something for you please tell me what can I do. Swami Ji Smiled said you want to do something for me ok he called his one decsipile and said take him to Bihar Ghat and there is a stair which corner’s is broken show him that stare you just repair that. It is being said that Swamiji blessed King Akbar and he gave him the blessings to see Vrindavan’s real form. As he reached Bihar-Ghat Akbar was shocked so many lights were coming from that stairs like one big treasure of Diamonds, Gold was there. King Akbar understands and he saw that what swamiji wants to teach him. He came back to Swamiji and ask him to forgive him that he could not understand the value of that place Swamiji bless them and they both return to their Palace.

Let's come back to BihariJi Seva Shree Gopinathji performs Shingar Seva, Meghshyam ji performs Rajbhog seva, Muraridasji performs shayan seva. Shri Biharidasji, who was the son of Shri Meghshyam Ji took Diksha from Vitthal Vipul ji and sings songs for Shri Swami Haridas ji and Thakur Shri bihari ji. Bihari Das Ji always be with Swami Haridas ji. He presented the Lost lilas of Shri Thakur ji who performs daily & differently in Nidhivan in the form of  Melodious rhymes. After Gopinathji the Seva department comes to Shri Meghshyam Ji and Shri Murari dass Ji. In every six month they both change their Seva with each other. There are so many famous personalities in Goswami’s families. When Bihari ji was appeared for so many years the Bihari ji’s seva was performed in Nidhivan. Then lateron in Samvat 1826 Bihari ji was being transferred to the current temple where he is today at Bihari ji area. Slowly-slowly big temple was being constructed as per the necessity. For this all the Goswami families and their descipiles gives the sevas. It is being said the design of flower in the walls of Bihari Ji temple is being made by Goswamis. After a long time spending 70000 rupees this current temple was made in 1921. At that time district Governor F. S. Grouse who was a British he wrote in his book that this building is the temple is being built by Goswamis and their descipiles by paying 70000 rupees which has been collected by them in 13 years.


!! Jai Shri Radhe !! Bolo Vrindavan Banke Bihari Lal ki Jai !!

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